Inflatable toy, Goat

Inflatable toy goat, designer Anna and Jerry Koza, Fatra
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Czech goats are typically white. This goat from Fatra, whose logo is visible on the  tag, has a whistling udder, three legs, and clear protruding eyes you may look through to the inside of the animal.

In 2013, Fatra resumed cooperation with designers who had created Fatra’s  original inflatable toys - animals, vehicles, vessels and beach balls. The collection debuted at Designblok 2013, the design and fashion week in Prague.

The GOAT toy was designed by Anna Kozová and Jerry Koza.

Anna Kozová (*1982)

Anna graduated in Product Design from the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague. She won the ‘Czech Grand Design Discovery of the Year’ award for redesigning surgical tools for the Kladno-based Beznoska company. The company was later nominated for the ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ award for the instruments. She has been designing limited edition items from electrical waste for the Trash Made brand since 2008. In 2009, Anna and Jerry Koza were nominated for the ‘Designer of the Year’ award for their children’s Torpedo ride-on toy. In 2010, Anna created a mist fountain for the Archive of Miracles exhibition staged as part of Shanghai Expo. Anna and her husband Jerry were responsible for the designs of two new inflatable toys for Fatra – the Goat and the Tractor.

Jerry Koza (*1976)

A architecture graduate from the College of Applied Arts, he started making waves in 2003 with his Kotrmelec (somersault) chair, which ranks amongst the 100 best Czech designs from the past century – ‘The Czech Top Hundred’. In the same year, he won the Ladislav Sutnar Award for significant contribution to the nation’s architectural design sector. Another chair - NO4S for MMINTERIER - was included in the annual Red Dot publication in 2007. His Torpedo ride-on toy, designed together with his wife Anna Kozová, won the prize for the best prototype at Designblok 2008.

He co-founded the companies SYMBIO DESIGN (2005) and Atelier SAD (2008), behind the recently refurbishment of the interior of the Žižkov television transmitter tower. They have won several prestigious international awards - for the fuel station GAS in Matouškovo, Slovakia, e.g. the jury prize of the US magazine Travel + Leisure in the category Best Transportation Design. He and  his wife Anna designed two new inflatable toys – Goat and Tractor – for us at Fatra Napajedla.

Technical information

Dimensionslength 80 cm, width 50 cm

PVC foils

The thickness of the foils0,3 mm
Weight0,37 kg
Use at temperatures+5oC až 40oC

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