Inflatable toy, Giraffe

Inflatable Toy, Giraffe, Fatra
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Tall, gracefully curved and under the spotlight in Paris and New York. The talk is not about a catwalk model, but a yellow inflatable giraffe by Fatra.

Tall, gracefully curved and attracting media attention in Paris, New York and other fashion hotspots. A dream of many a model has come true for the inflatable giraffe by Libuše Niklová.

Despite lacking the typical brown spots, the giraffe by Fatra is among the world’s best known of its kind. It has achieved fame for its sophisticated design, functionality and, most importantly, popularity with kids. The yellow inflatable giraffe by Libuše Niklová is back, and its ergonomically shaped body, hidden squeaker and safe material guarantee hours of fun … not only for your kids.

Size1000x650 mm

PVC foils

The thickness of the foils0,3 mm
Weight0,42 kg

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