Inflatable toy, "Caterpillar"

Inflatable toy, caterpillar, Fatra
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Fatra’s caterpillar does not turn out silk or turn into a beautiful butterfly. Instead, it is a fun toy for little ones.

Not every caterpillar becomes a stunning butterfly. The inflatable caterpillar by Fatra was not designed to be admired by insect lovers, but to put a smile on toddlers’ faces.

Combining shades of yellow and green, the caterpillar is a sit-on squeaky toy for the youngest kids. The caterpillar is one of the retro toys by Libuše Niklová, which are hugely popular in the Czech Republic and abroad for their timeless designs.

Technical information

Size430x950 mm

PVC foils

The thickness of the foils0,3 mm
Weight0,48 kg

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