Inflatable toy, Indian teepee

Fatra indian infatable teepee
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„Children love shelters. They create their own small world where thein fantasy can take over“  

Pleasant rounded shapes, no strong reinforces. That guarantees maximal safety and comfort. You can also use the pad separately, for exmaple during dippers changing. Teepee is made from quality material, it can be left in the rain or travel with you anywhere.  

Teepee consists of two parts – pad and shell with reinforces. 

The pad has infatable border and seating area is filled with foam. The construction consist of four infatable reinforcer which is welded a cover sheet. Teepee is possible to close with velcro. The product is packed in a paper carton.  

Indian teepee was designed young designer Veronika Vašátková. 

How to build Indian teepee, you can look at the video.

Dimensions800x800x1200 mm

polyvinylchloridová fólie

The thickness of the foils0,3 mm

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