Inflatable toy, Boat REGATTA

Inflatable toy, Boat REGATTA, designer Anna A Jerry Kozovi, Fatra
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Inflatable boat with a red flag for racers and boy sea captains.

Part of the lower deck might be checked through a round sight-hole.

The boat has two chambers (two inflation valves). The upper boat section is inflated and the bottom chamber is filled with water, which provides stability on the water.

The boat is made of a health-proof, certified foil.

The boat from the Czech manufacturer has a Safe Toy certificate.

The boat is also available in other colours: pink-yellow for princesses and black-and-white for pirates.

Inflating instructions

  • Inflate the product at a minimum temperature of +15°C.
  • If the product is brought packed from a colder environment, allow it to warm up for at least 8 hours.
  • Inflate the product at a safe distance from sharp edges and objects.
  • The product must be mouth-inflated by an adult – avoid using a compressor or any other source of compressed air.
  • Do not over-inflate the product. The product must be gently wrinkled along the perimeter.
  • Open the valve to release some air if ambient temperature increases.

Storage, maintenance, repairs

  • After use, wash the product with clean water, dry, deflate and fold the product.
  • Lukewarm water containing detergent may also be used for cleaning.
  • Ink, aniline colours and long-term contact with rubber cause permanent stains.
  • To repair punctures (outside the welded area) use an adhesive for plasticised PVC.

Design Boat toys designed by Anna Kozová and Jerry Koza.

Anna Kozová (*1982)

Anna graduated from Product Design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague. She won the ‘Czech Grand Design Discovery of the Year’ award for redesigning surgical tools for the Kladno-based Beznoska company. The company was later nominated for the ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ award for the instruments. She has been designing limited collections from electrical waste for the Trash Made brand since 2008. In 2009, Anna and Jerry Koza were nominated for the ‘Designer of the Year’ award for their Torpedo children’s scooter. In 2010, Anna created a mist fountain for the Archive of Miracles exhibition staged as part of the Shanghai Expo. She and her husband Jerry designed new inflatable toys for Fatra – the Goat and the Tractor.

Jerry Koza (*1976)

He graduated in the architecture at the College of Applied Arts. In 2003, his chair Kotrmelec (somersault) was classified among 100 icons of the Czech design in the last 100 years – The Czech Top Hundred. In the same year, he won the Ladislav Sutnar’s award for significant enrichment of the Czech architectural-design scene. His chair NO4S for mm interior was included in the annual book Red Dot 2007. His pushbike Torpédo designed together with Anna Kozová won the prize for the best prototype of Designblok 2008.
He co-founded the companies SYMBIO DESIGN (2005) and Atelier SAD (2008), which has recently redesigned the interior of the Žižkov television transmitter tower. They won several prestigious international awards for the fuel station GAS in Matouškovo, Slovakia, e.g. the jury prize of the US magazine Travel + Leisure in the category Best Transportation Design. Together with his spouse Anna, he has designed new inflatable toys – Goat and Tractor – for Fatra Napajedla.

Technical information

Lounger dimensions50x50 cm
Number of inflatable chambers2

PVC foils

The thickness of the foils0,3 mm
Weight0,2 kg
Use at temperatures+5oC až 40oC

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