Book, Libuše Niklová, monograph

Book, Libuše Niklová, monograph, Fatra
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The second edition of Tereza Bruthansová’s book on the designer of inflatable toys.

Packed with photographs, the book on the renowned Czech designer Libuše Niklová (1934–1981) was first published in 2010. As it quickly sold out, a second extended edition is coming out. With nearly 500 colour photographs and archived reproductions, the book explores the diverse world of her innovative plastic toys which have, through their original design combined with ingenious inventions, a special place not only in a domestic but also global context. Some have already become Czech design icons.

The book will evoke a host of childhood memories in many readers and may arouse a collector’s passion or become a source of endless inspiration for others.
All will surely be surprised at how many familiar toys were designed by Libuše Niklová.

The monograph was voted the CzechRepublic’s Most Beautiful Book of the Year 2010, and two years later, it won the bronze medal in the World’s Most Beautiful Book, a prestigious contest held in Leipzig.

Publisher: Taktum s.r.o.

Author: Tereza Bruthansová

Graphic design: Zuzana Lednická (Studio Najbrt)

Published: 2013

Language: CZ/EN

Number of pages: 300

Number of illustrations and appendices: 490

Format: 205 x 195 mm

Binding: V8

Print run: 1,500

ISBN: 978-80-260-4827-5

Realisation: ImperialMedia s.r.o. 2013